Friday, 12 February 2010

My first post..

Well I think I should say hello to the whole world, ironic since I was always taught to never speak to strangers..

My name's Gizmo and I'm a tattoo artist at a studio called GetSomeInk in a wee town called Methil in Fife, Scotland. I'm into most styles but obsessed with the Jap scene mostly. Inspired by everything I see and other artists such as Shige, Sabado, Henning, Horiyoshi III, (And basicaly every other 'Hori' too) and Chris O'Donnell. In 2008 I travelled to Ibiza, Spain to open a studio with my mentor for the summer which was a big success. I missed cars on the correct side of the road however, so I'm back now!!

So um aye..... Expect photos of tattoos, links and most definetly loads and loads of stupid YouTube videos.


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