Monday, 25 April 2011

Another coverup

This chap originally had a Taz and some tribal, but wanted it covered. After me admittedly being stumped for a while, I came up with this. It's only outlined so far, and all freehand design (I hate that term..).

Watch this space!!

Quickest sleeve!

This dragon has a story.. Not sentimental however lol. all freehand design, outlines about 2 weeks ago. Coloured over another 2 sessions, days apart! Guy sat like a champ! It's also a coverup. And the old chick tattoo will get recoloured soon, think it's older than me!

Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes It's nice to just do little flowers that have no "meaning"...

Marks sleeve

This was a sleeve I started a few years ago, I think.. Anyway, what with moving shop and other things, it got left behind. Finished it last month. It wasn't untill I was doing the final touches and whatnot that I stepped back to look at it, and you can see am ever growing progression in my style, and technique. So I'm pretty happy witht he outcome, but I just wish I could have been as good as I am now, back then! Still, progression takes time..

Tigers head

It's a dull photo, but you get the idea.. Done this a few weeks ago now. I suck with updating this...

As you can see, I done some work above this, we're working our way downwards, 2 hour sessions at a time..